Category: Upcoming Updates

2021 Upcoming Capital Projects Notice

Thank you for continuing to make West Lodge and Hazelview Properties your home. Further to our notice dated February 8, 2021 the improvements to your property will be commencing in May 2021. These projects are outlined in the update link below and are anticipated to take approximately seven months, weather permitting.

In-Suite Heating Pipe Replacement

We are pleased to announce that we will be significantly improving the heating system by replacing all in-suite copper heating pipes and main riser distribution lines throughout the building. Please see the news page for more information.

Exterior Light Upgrades

Exterior lighting will be replaced with brighter, more efficient lights.

Exhaust Fan Upgrades

Building exhaust fans, which connect to kitchen and bathroom fans, will be upgraded to improve performance.

Hallway Light Upgrades

We’re improving visibility and safety with upgraded hallway lighting.